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projects and networks

Support our protagonist Eulidio to build his own business. The Share.doc platform offers the opportunity to explicitly support the protagonists of documentary films.

Ogumana is a group of second-generation Mozambican immigrants and Mozambicans from Berlin
that promotes cultural exchange and development cooperation between Mozambique and Germany.

An NGO that helps German-Mozambican families find their way back to each other.

Since 2016, the NGO has been supporting German-Mozambic people in family reunification and
facilitating exchanges between the different groups involved (children, mothers, fathers).

Since 1977, the KKM has offered all those interested in Mozambique a forum for information, discussion and encounter.

The NGO works on racist violence in the GDR and its consequences for those affected until today.

Related Links

Texts and documents explaining the historical context of Mozambican contract workers.

Website of the „Respect and Recognition“ Network

Here you can find a selection of texts and documents explaining the historical context of Mozambican contract workers in the GDR.

PDF summary

The conference "Respect and Recognition" in Magdeburg shed light on the political circumstances and the resulting life paths of different Mozambican groups in the GDR (contract workers and students of friendship as well as the second generation). The demands developed in the process
were summarised in this memorandum and presented to the responsible institutions.

Video 28min

Report on a failed attempt to export socialism.

Graphic novel by Brigit Weyhe

Birgit Weyhe's graphic novel deals with the little-noticed episode of the German-Mozambican
contract workers. She combines African and European visual languages to depict the lives of three
protagonists caught between two worlds, and in the process repeatedly encounters the question:
What is home?

Web documentation by Dr. Isabel Enzenbach, Mai-Phuong Kollath und Julia Oelkers

Migrants from different countries report on their everyday lives, experiences and struggles in the
GDR. Background texts, archive material and reports from the authorities shed light on interests
and conflicts.

Photobook by Malte Wandel

Malte Wandel searches for traces of former GDR contract workers in Mozambique between
Maputo and Pemba and tells their story with the help of archive photos and documents.

website with diverse texts on the topic of contract work

Namibian children, Jewish refugees, contract workers, etc. - A collection of material and texts that
reflect on the lives of migrants in the GDR and follow their traces into today.


copyright: Birgit Weyhe

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